Zimm Solar GmbH

Zimm Solar The company Zimm used brushless DC motors for the sun position tracking of photovoltaic systems. Sensing Solutions developed electronics for the activation, monitoring and control of these drives that stand out due to their high degree of flexibility and functional options, without exhibiting excessive complexity.

In addition to the standard CAN-Open interface, almost any kind of interface can be used in modular construction. Such interfaces include LAN, PROFIBUS, RS485, 4-20mA, etc.  RedCat

In addition, great attention was paid to making sure that, through a change in component assembly, a broad array of customers could be covered with only a single printed board. In addition to better prices, this also provides great acquisition advantages, since at least the printed boards can be kept in stock in reasonable amounts.

Thus, considerably shorter delivery periods can be achieved than with single solutions.


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