Our Product Range

We are a modern enterprise driven by innovation that has specialized in the development of measurement and analysis systems. In this realm, we execute special orders for a wide range of customers and industries. Our core tasks include not only hardware development and the development of corresponding data capture and analysis software, but also several one-time and ongoing services.

A further focus of Sensing Solution’s work is in measurement system technology in the area of renewable energies.

What we do most often:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Design of testing and monitoring systems
  • Electronics development
  • Software and firmware development
  • Production preparation and supervision up to the delivery of the finished product to the customer
  • Data capture and analysis systems

Our Own Products

Another very significant part of our company are the products developed by us and through our own initiative. Our in-house product development occurs with the goal of completing a wide range of measurement technology tasks in an efficient and versatile way.

Especially worth mentioning in this regard is our flagship product, SESAM. This is a highly flexible, simple and inexpensive system for the capture and further processing of measurement data in systems. Several practical interfaces and intelligent handling have considerably set SESAM apart from other solutions found on the market to date.


Sensing Solutions
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